Monday, October 25, 2010

Newsworthy: Cholera Outbreak In Haiti

Just after you didn't think anything worse can happen to Haiti, something else happens!!! I was reading some news articles on AOL and apparently a Cholera outbreak that  is going on in Haiti left 250 people dead and 3,000 sick. This is also said to be the same place that the camps for the earthquake survivors are located.

What exactly is CHOLERA???? It is an infection of the small intestine that causes a large amount of watery diarrhea. The infection is abundant in the tent slums where the area is not very sanitary or hygienic. Officials seem to think this infection can be contained as long as the people who are infected are isolated and the body is disposed of carefully.

This is another tragedy that is affecting Haiti once again. They have been through so much this year alone. Before you go to sleep, make sure you thank God for what you have and the people that you have in your life. Yeah things may not be perfect financially or with some other aspect, but you have to make sure you show those people in your life that you love that you appreciate them. Furthermore, even though you are not in the situation, at this very moment, thousands of people all over the world is suffering. Some people wake up and everyday is a bad day. This may not be imaginable if you are not experiencing it, but I'm sure we all know what it is like to have a bad day. So make sure you keep those people in Haiti, and around the world, in your prayers.

If you would like to read more about this story, the link is posted below:
In Haiti, Cholera Could Heighten Earthquake Misery is Cholera

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  1. It's so sad dat all dis iz happenin 2 Haiti all in one year...hope thngs get betta...