Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Just Want to Be Successful...

Hello!!!This is my first post and it's very EXCITING!!!!The first topic that I want to touch on is SUCCESS. I'm currently a student (pre-med/bio major) and I am struggling to find that passion that drives me. I'm so confused on what I want to become in life. SOOO many people wake up and are unhappy with their lives and I dont want to be that person. Sometimes it seems like some people woke up KNOWING what they wanted to become, and others (like myself) are left bewildered and lost.Committing to a career is like getting married. So I'm curious to find out, what makes someone successful AND how do you figure out what you want to become for the REST OF YOUR LIFE??

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  1. great article girly!Itz so mf hard 2 be successful..I just wanna get the fxks ouuta skul and get on wit my career!Btw this Ashley:).---this blog betta than I thought.I expected b/s-lol